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Happy Friday! Today, we are bringing a post dedicated solely to women with everyday problems…fashion problems, that is. We are all for great tips, especially because being a woman is hard enough! Learn some of our new (or old if you already knew about them!) tips and tricks to an easier life (with no more excuses of being late anywhere)! Let us know which ones are your favorite!

1. Use a dryer sheet to tame flyaways.

2. Did you run out of shaving cream? Don’t fret! Conditioner and baby oil work just as great, if not better!

3. Iron your clothes with a hair iron (because you know you were tempted to do it that day you were running late anyway)!

4. Keep your buttons from coming off by applying a clear coat of nail polish to them.

5. Get a better grip on those pesky nail polish bottles that simply won’t open by tying a rubber band on them.

6. Keep your fingers from turning green with clear polish! Just swipe the brush along the inside of the ring!

7. Keep your clothes from getting dirty on a trip somewhere by placing your shoes within separate shower caps.

8. Don’t get that fresh manicure messed up! Use a staple remover in order to place keys within key rings.

9. Learn how to fold any type of flared jeans to make them fit inside boots!

10. Curl your hair with a straightener by “curling” the straightener instead of pulling in straight down your hair.

11. Hide bra straps with tops and dresses by sewing buttons and clasps like shown below!

Call us late bloomers, but we were sort of shocked by the last hack! Who knew that years of dealing with annoying straps could easily be fixed?!


In the spirit of fashion show season, today we bring you even more inspiration from the Spring 2015 runways at New York Fashion Week! From large totes, to chic clutches, and great purses, we have something for you!

This season, envelope pouches and box clutches took over NYFW, and it is no surprise that they came with patterns and bold colors! Get your pick from our selection at 10 Dollar Mall!

(Photographed by Mark Iantosca)

Which beauty would be YOUR pick? We love them all, especially the fact that most of these are very versatile and can go with anything (did you see the last purse?!)! Do you agree?


Regardless if you wear lots of makeup or not, you will definitely want to try all of these looks this season!

Let us know which trend you like the best, and remember to check out our wide variety of makeup on 10dollarmall.com!

Hot Metallics (shown here as 70’s inspiration for the Rodarte Fall 2014 show)

Stand-Out Lashes (shown at the Gucci show)

Line Up (Nicole Miller’s autumn show was big on the smoky eyes, but if you’re not up to this, keep it simple with some eyeliner on your waterline and mascara!)

Get Glowin’ (skin was instantly revived with the perfect cheek highlighter at the Ralph Lauren, Jason Wu, and Calvin Klein shows!)

Baring It All (going with the effortless vibe was huge at Isabel Marant)

Pops of Color (Kenzo had it right when they thought of bringing attention to their models; enhance your look with the perfect colored liner, cheek tint, or lipstick!)

Hello ’60s! (Big hair and lashes were seen all over the runways of Versace (above), Oscar De La Renta, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Moschino!)


It’s hard to believe it, but you probably wouldn’t have thought of parenthood like this beforehand.

Which can you relate to the most? Let us know!

1. Hello! Haven’t you seen all those cool “Baby On Board!” signs?


2. You don’t stop drinking coffee. All day.


3. Your car being a total mess.


4. Yelling or being really loud in public.


5. Understanding that kids throw tantrums everywhere and anywhere.

6. Kids at restaurants.


7. The whole idea of changing diapers.


8. Not caring what you look like in public anymore.


9. And of course, all of those photos of kids and babies on your social media platforms you once found annoying are suddenly so adorable to you.


10. Parties that start (and end) early.


(Images courtesy of HBO, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Flickr)


We have decided to look for some more great hacks/DIY’s for your home, since our first part was so successful! Who knew that you could do so much with items you already had around your home?! Who wants a part 3?!
1. Use a squeegee to remove hair from your carpet! Genius!
2. Place a spare key in a pill bottle and glue a pine cone over it and bury it.
3. Use a stick-on hook behind your child’s high-chair to hang bibs or towels if needed.

4. Ice cubes can help take out indentations from your carpet.

5. Used tissue boxes are great for plastic bags!

6. Hang Eucalyptus branches from your shower head. The steam from your baths will make your bathroom smell amazing!

7. Use acrylic-latex caulk to keep rugs from moving around.

8. Save space by hanging storage and garbage bags.

9. Hide your ugly thermostat by hanging a hinged frame over it.

10. Foam noodles can be complete car life-savers!

11. Glue magnetic strips to the bottom of your cupboards and hang spices up that way.

12. Hangers are great cord holders.

13. Use paper towel roll dispensers over a door to hang bracelets.

14. Put your detergent into drink dispensers to make it easier (and faster) to store (and you also won’t have to see those ugly bottles, too)!

15. Hide your routers in a more creative way!


As the fall and winter seasons are approaching, so are new trends- some more wearable than others. One of those trends is the color blue; it is definitely the new ‘it’ color and can easily be substituted for another greatly admired color (in this case, black). Before thinking that blue might not be your color or perhaps believe that it is too “moody” for your personal taste, consider ALL of the wonderful possibilities that can come with every shade of blue, regardless of what skin tone you have. Sometimes you can also combine different shades of a color in order to make the perfect monochromatic outfit! For example: navy blue is mostly worn on days when you might be feeling more sophisticated and classic, and pastel blue can be used on carefree days! You can absolutely incorporate blue hues into any part of your outfit, such as a bright bold blue dress with orange accessories? It truly goes with anything! 

Take a look at some of our inspiration for this trend below and tell us, would YOU rock blue over black anyday?!

(Images courtesy of Pinterest, Lookbook, Chictopia, Cosmopolitan.com)