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Regardless of whether you’re ready for it or not, it will happen to you. You should begin embracing it and realizing that you’re becoming the people you say you’d never be like. And don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

1. You find yourself saying the exact same phrases they say.


2. You can never leave the house anymore without grabbing something to snack on during the day.


3. You’re finding gray hairs..AHH!


4. You always serve everyone else dinner first and then are the last to get up to make sure everyone finished. 


5. You wake up early on the weekends to garden or run errands. 


6. You find yourself buying the latest newspaper just to cut the coupons. 


7. You make sure everyone gets home okay after a night out.


8. You get really excited about big sales anywhere. 


9. You can’t keep up with the younger generation of pop-stars anymore.


10. Whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, you see them. 


(Images courtesy of Google, NY Daily Post, Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly)

We are pretty sure that we can all relate to these..which one was your favorite? We hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Going to work doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to completely disown your personal style at all- it just means you have to tweak it a bit in order to not get a warning from your boss. We love the fall season because the runways are always full of more conservative looks that can definitely work for your job, regardless if you have an office position or not. From simple, elegant shift dresses to amazing, sleek power suits, here are a few different trends that you can rock on a weekly basis (while also saving you time in the morning)!

Wide-Leg Trousers

After many years on the scene, it is officially time to retire to skinny pants and bring back the comfy, yet classy trousers we have missed (don’t even try to deny it)! A style like this looks great with a tailored blouse, a cute cardigan, or even a boxy blazer.


Printed Midi-Dress

This is the ultimate versatile dress because you can pair it with a great jacket and polished shoes for the day, and swap them for killer heels and on its own. As a plus, midi skirts can be used year-round, so it is a staple piece that cannot be missing from your closet!


Switch from Bold to Pastel Colors

This is a slightly tricky one, since a nice bubble-gum pink ensemble might make you not be taken seriously at the office. Instead, opt for a nice touch of pastel in your blouse, which you can then transition from dark months to a new season (spring).


A White Collared Shirt

A step up from the classic style, this one is still great enough to take to mix with your go-to work outfits. Choose a crispier, more edgy, and interesting silhouette in order to put a twist to predictable outfits.


A Pleated Skirt

To give this fun piece a more serious vibe, pair it with a tailored blazer or fine-knit sweater over a collared shirt!


The Oxford Shirtdress

Give the traditional oxford shirt up for a dressier shape- just make sure to choose a light hue (like this blue) as opposed to a more chambray for the weekend. Finish off your look with a blazer or cardigan and a pair of strappy heels for the office.


The Blazer Vest

A double-breasted blazer is a great way to layer for those winter and spring seasons. Pair it with a pair of wide-leg trousers or pencil skirt; you can even wear it over a nice shift dress!

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With so many amazing new plus-size trends, it’s no wonder how you can go broke easily- you can’t make up your mind with what to put in your online shopping cart or what to leave behind! So many retailers are now stepping up their game, and there is no question that plus-size gals are being taken more into consideration now more than ever. Because of this, it is that much more difficult trying to decide what to purchase, and let’s face it, we are all not lucky enough to splurge on everything our heart desires! Whether you have a taste for designer labels or could care less, we have rounded up a few shopping tips for all plus-size women that anyone can benefit from! 

Go straight to the sale rack. The best place to begin your search for the best deals is to head straight to the back of the store where the clearance section is. These racks tend to be marked at their lowest points and are usually final sale because of it. If nothing suits you there, jump to the sale rack, where things will also be discounted, but may be returnable. 

Shop out of season. This one is a great tip. Since most stores need to get rid of their last season items, they will forcefully be on sale on off-season times. It might feel really weird to purchase a bathing suit in the middle of winter, but once temperatures start rising again, you will definitely be wishing you had made that purchase (if you didn’t) because everything will be full price (and pretty pricey, too)!

Take advantage of those newsletters you get in your email. By signing up to a retailer’s newsletter, you will randomly be surprised with cool promo codes or sales they might be having that nobody else knows about yet (or never will unless they are signed up as well)! If you are like us and hate having an inbox full of newsletters, create a new folder in your inbox specifically for that reason and save them for when you’re ready to use them! 

Don’t buy things that aren’t your size or style. Women all over (of all shapes and sizes) can usually fall into the trap that they’ll buy something thinking that they will “fit into it later”. You should only be buying for the body you have currently! Also, don’t go out of your way to buy something that is currently in season and not really your style. You will be staring at it months later as it hangs in your closet, tags and all, wondering why you bought it in the first place. 

Don’t buy the same kinds of items over and over. Chances are that if you like a certain style of a certain piece, you will want to buy it over and over again, perhaps in the same (or different) colors. Instead, splurge on one great item, and save your money for lots of other unique pieces that don’t look like something you already own! 

Shop at thrift shops! Let’s face it- many plus-size women usually avoid going to thrift or vintage shops because they think that the sizes are too small for them. While this may be true, we definitely encourage it anyway; don’t look at the label, try it on, and if it fits and you feel comfortable, that’s all that really matters! Fit and quality reign, and you can also check out the men’s section for chic, menswear pieces that can add a twist to your wardrobe! You will be surprised at what you can find! 

What do you think of these tips? We are all for shopping trips, especially ones that can benefit us in many ways! 

Visit us at www.10dollarmall.com so you can shop for all your plus-size needs!



Yes, we have all been there. The times where you really need to go but would rather hold it until your bladder is about to explode. It’s always really intimidating going to the restroom at work, especially when it comes to having no choice. It’s obviously not your bathroom at home, so of course it’s always a very weird experience (you know what we’re talking about!) when the restroom is so small, and there’s you and another person in there. Are each of you waiting for the other to be done first? Are you each embarrassed of what’s going to come out next? We know, we know, this might be hitting a little too close to home now, but it HAD TO be said. After all, don’t we all deal with this kind of issue on a daily basis?!

1. Finding bugs in the restroom floor. Ever since we read an article about a man who found a snake in a bathroom at a Starbucks, we have officially been traumatized. *Shivers*

2. Either you hate or love it when you bump into co-workers after you’ve finished your business. We think it’s totally awkward- “Oh hey, how was that meeting this morning?” (to the same person you just heard make a loud noise in their stall). Ummm…yeah, no. 

3. People apparently still think it’s somewhat cool to write on stall doors (or signs). If you had that much energy put into getting your actual work done, maybe we’d reconsider this comment.

4. Running out of toilet paper. What are you supposed to do, ask whoever is in there to give you a hand? No gracias!

5. Having an unfortunate glimpse of someone through the stall doors. (Do you now see why we even began writing this post?)

6. Everybody flushes the toilet, and most toilets at work don’t have lids. This means that bacteria spreads about 10 inches every time someone is done using the bathroom. So technically you’re surrounded by filth even by walking in there. So gross.

7. Speaking of the restroom being disgusting, we all know certain people who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.  Some studies have shown that if everyone washed their hands, we could prevent up to a million deaths a year. Who knows what they touch throughout the day that you touch, too. Think about that for a second.

8. Seeing other people’s skid marks in the toilet. We can’t always control what we leave behind, but if you’re one of those who prefers to do this in the work restroom, you have a lot of guts. We want to somehow applaud you for this, but we’d rather not. Still completely gross.

We can probably go on and on for a while about this subject, but we want to ask you about your work restroom horror stories! Let us know by tweeting us @10mall!